I am huvam

Full Stack Developer

I am a full stack developer who loves to build responsive, interactive, and robust web applications with modern web technologies.

My Portfolio Website

An interactive and responsive website made with Next.js and react-spring

Blogging Web Application

A full stack project to create a blogging application with modern web technologies and libraries like Next.js, Editor.js, Material UI, Node.js, Express.js and MongoDB

Desktop Accounting Application

A freelance project to create desktop accounting application for Regency Books and Stationary. Made with Node.js, PostgreSQL, Electron and React-Admin

PathFinding Visualizer App

A pathfinding visualizer app made with React and graph theory


Design workflow for developers


A simple design workflow for developers to get stated with design

Developing a modern Blogging Application with Next.js and Editor.js


Develop a blogging platform with the popular react framework Next.js and a modern and intuitive editor Editor.js

About Me

I am a software engineering student, full-stack developer, and UI/UX designer who likes to make cool things on the web, resolve design problems, and use modern web technologies to create robust web applications.

So far I have worked on some freelance and personal projects in both the design and development spectrum, and I am always looking for more opportunities to draw on my creativity.

  • Is fun
  • Old friend
  • Dynamic
  • Is awesome
  • Love it
  • UI/UX
Contact Me

I'm open to freelance projects. Talk about a project, any queries, or maybe just a coffee. Feel free to contact me at hello@shucoll.com
Or simply drop me a message here!